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Like most things not all waxes are created equal.  We have spent two years working with a British Master Curator and one of the founding members of the British Candle Federation, to create our superior natural wax blends.  For each of our candles we blend our pure essential oils and waxes creating the best combination of both, ensuring the greatest fragrant aroma; most efficient burning and most efficacious therapeutic results.

2020 Award for best candle name goes to @both.ends - Incandescent Rage!

George Driver, Beauty Director @elleuk

One of my favourite candles brands - EVER! Smell incredible - burning mine all week!

Mared Parry, Journalist & Presenter @thisisheart @fabulousmag @ok_mag

S.A.D = today's hit of happiness from Burn the Candle . . . truly gorgeous & uplifting!

Rosie Green, Author & Journalist @redmagazine @telegraph @thismonring

S.A.D is a GORGEOUS smelling candle - Read what it does for us - it's BANG ON!

Katy Young, Luxury Beauty Director. @bazzaruk @elleuk

Smells absolutely gorgeous and I love the names! I often feel 'Incandescent Rage' #hormones

Sarah Cooper-White, Beauty Director @womanandhome

Smells absolutely wonderful and I love the simplicity of the pots!

Amelia Freer, Nutritional Therapist @ameliafreer

I can't think of a better candle to sum up the current mood! #incandescentrage

Marnie Gilmore, Head of Lifestyle @dailymirror

You know me I love a candle - essential oils to help with rage, burn out & sadness - love this brand!

Bryony Blake, Makeup Artist & Presenter @thismorning

Is mercury in retrograde again!?!

"Burn the Candle, started with two working Mamas who’d been burning the candle at both ends for FAR too long! Both candle fanatics, we wanted to create something unique - luxurious candles to become our every day antidote. Hand poured, vegan, ethically & sustainably sourced & proudly made in London - we'd like to welcome you to your everyday luxury.” Lisa & Sian xx

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