Is Mercury in retrograde again???

I mean seriously!!!

This is a question Sian and I asked ourselves’ on a very regular basis, not just because we’re both infatuated by astrology, but also to try to help decipher just how much of the mayhem was cosmically induced! Then one day, 6 years ago - we met, became fast friends and now ask  (sometimes by the hour), what the hell is happening with Mercury/the Moon?!

Sian (the more astro-wise of us both), then chat’s me through it all the rising moons, the waning moons - all the moons! I then take a few moments trying to fathom all of the moving parts and what it does in turn to Mercury/Gemini/Cancer/Aquarius (- life!), whilst interjecting with my slightly dubious pearls of wisdom... Delightfully however, it was from one of these crazy exchanges that Burn The Candle was born! The concept to burn a candle to release the antidote was what we craved - a little like burning white sage in a new house, or incense while meditating – could we actually tie all of our great interests and passions into one wonderful concept? Thankfully so far the answer is YES!

“Two mamas who’d been burning the candle at both ends for far too long.  Both candle fanatics (who always kept  the good ones for best) each finding the ritual of striking that match as therapeutic as a 30-minute session of yoga of walking. The match strike moment? When we realised that to be able to enjoy the ritual as often as yearned for, we quite frankly had to start making our own to be able to afford to! We want the pure essential oils to gain as much of the therapeutic benefits and possible! We crave the stylish jar to be enjoyed and admired then up cycled and re-used at home! We simply HAD to have the best possible price to let us and all those who wished to buy as many as desired with none of the guilt! Who cares if it’s a Monday night in mid-March – if we feel the urge, we should be able to strike the match and smell the antidote. . ."

VERB; Burn one’s candle at both ends’:


“To work excessively hard, to work too hard for good health or peace of mind. She has been burning her candle at both ends lately, trying to hold it all together at all times!” 

So go on burn the candle …. It’s so much more than our brand name, it’s our mantra!